Parachute Fabric Bags

Why parachutes? Well, parachute fabric is pound for pound and inch for inch one of the strongest materials around.

How Strong? So Strong we will back our product at a usable weight rating of 100 pounds. That means you can put a lot of stuff or even a small human in your crapchute! Plus, we use one piece construction for our bags so they are extra strong!

Not only is parachute fabric strong but it is also water resitant to keep your crap dry and rip resistant so even if your bag is punctured our fabric will prevent the hole from getting bigger. A little bit of unicorn magic.

Crapchute is trying to save our planet one bag at a time

Since our 71% of Earth is covered in water, Crapchute is teaming up with a few Non-profit Ocean protection organizations to help protect and preserve our oceans. Check out our “The Cause” page to learn more.